via Daily Prompt: Carve

Use the sun as a benchmark

a horizon to brighten the path

you carve out for yourself

crave to in find a passion

that is everlasting and do it with conviction

Any job big or small do it right or not at all

even if you might fall

stand up tall and go back

to discovering what matters to you and go for it

I’ve found mine carving down rhymes with a swift mind

so I can set stories free


The Night Bus

Verse 1:

As the clock struck midnight

Passengers aboard the night bus

A slogan on the side read…

Our determination is getting you quickly to your destination

If only they knew that no soul was exempt

from ever escaping the night bus


Verse 2:

A one way ticket stamped with their demise

Barbed wire for windows but no exits which to them was a surprise

These lost souls beg the driver who reeked of sulfur where they were going

As he grins with an declaration “we’re going to the gates of hell”!

An expeditious voyage on a scorching highway

The bus returns to it usual stop every Friday night

to carry a new collection of lost souls

who’ll enter this nightmare as their new home

Rusted by harmonized blood curdling screams as their souls char into seats

The exterior was never pristine but

the bus was supplied with never ending fuel

energized by their souls

No one will ever know these passengers were missing

One thing that was promising was that this ride was their last

No luggage needed,

just yourself so say goodbye to your past

All aboard The night bus where “Our determination is getting you quickly to your destination”



The Night Bus

Photo credit – Evan Gearing
















Daily Prompt: Static (Unknown faces)

via Daily Prompt: Static

Staring into the eyes of unknown faces

that weren’t from around these places

they left behind a case as bait to see if someone

was brave enough to go for a taste

Walking towards us

I could sense static with every breath they took

Sizing us up as I noticed one

carried an automatic in his waist

with an erratic look on his face

Knowing that we’ve ruined their sounds of revelry

Nightfall quickly arrived as we had no point in lying

Trying our best to placate these strangers with an explanation

Cooler heads eventually prevailed

as we sat there and slowly exhaled

These unknown faces weren’t from around these places








The legend of a real notebook

  • I thought of this theme while I was handwriting a previous poem. I wondered what would happen if I lost my notebook? In the last 2 months or so I went back to handwriting my poems which I felt helped me brainstorm a whole lot more and bring much more depth and emphasis to my writings. I write about a vast array of topics which I think should be brought into art, but I never thought of someone actually looking through my work and reading my raw thoughts.

Verse 1:

The notebook is legend, real and deep

After much contemplation and lots of sleep

Sweet dreams come to him cheap

but the recollection is too expensive for him to keep

He wakes from his gentle bed

with ideas cultivating is his head

but the notebook isn’t anywhere in sight

frustrated and confused he has to start from scratch

wondering where he left it last?


Verse 2:

The notebook sat there unattended and alone

with no one to finish covering it’s lines with unfiltered and raw poems

As bystanders walk by, one of them asks whose notebook is that? “I think I know”

Skimming through pages a realization occurs, knowing that

It’s owner is quite comfortable with writing the “real” (You know, Everyday black injustice, drug abuse, mass shootings abortion, rape, society etc…)

He’s got rhymes to provoke ever nerve, after all stanzas are read a lessons learned

but his writings also has a sudden gaiety to them

I’ve watched him smile as a idea takes over his conscious

He meticulously writes each word

as it carries so much strength and density that it could drain distance ocean waves

so his words will be here to stay until he’s down 6 feet in a grave

a profound impact is left I must say!












Quick Announcement

  • Hello readers, I want to give a quick announcement on something I should have posted days ago but remembered today. On January 20th 2018 my 4th published poem called “Their dead souls won’t let me grow” will be a featured post on SpillWords. If you have not checked out this poem I wrote it back in September and can be found on the monthly archives at my blog site. If any poets on WordPress are not familiar with SpillWords, definitely check them out so you can publish and read an array of not only poems but others forms of literature. Again thanks for reading and peace.



Lost emotions: Verse 3

  • I wrote this 3rd verse to a poem a friend of mine is currently writing. He sent me an instrumental which surprised me at first and then he told me there was a chorus to it. Which made me think he was making a song and that made think of ways to write a chorus but I wrote so much that I felt that it should be the 3rd verse. I’m not 100% if he is going to go all the way with making a song out of this, but hey I’m glad to help out. Leave  a like and comment if you think I should add more or what do you think about it so far? Thank You and Peace


I don’t ever want to be lost in a jungle of emotions

But you being away has caused my conscious much commotion

Why don’t you return so you can experience all of my devotion that you claim I barely gave you?

You can look away but I’ll charge through your heart as fast as a locomotive

No way for it to be lost

Because all that emotion is circulating throughout your soul

As it reaches

Our next destination at unconditional love

So watch it begin to unfold and blossom into a connection that can never become cold

I’d say are emotions have found a home


Self- Control (10 stanzas)

We’re confined in a realm full of all evils

temptations possesses every individual without warning

There’s no way to exorcise the urges inside to get fucked up

Out of luck so we all remain stuck

Desperately searching  for self-control to fend off the temptations

Eventually escaping and descending from reality

Gluttony in all forms mollifies the everyday void

No self – control so the temptations control us like toys

Limping around like the undead

No more mind of our own





Treat (5 Lines)

via Daily Prompt: Treat

  • This piece will be light compared to my usual dense subject matter and themes. In the meantime I’m thinking of what my next poem will be. Peace and enjoy


A gourmand treat so sweet and complete

Sugar plum bombshell came and hit the streets

Back side splendid as I watch her walk towards the exit

Damn I missed my chance!

Oh well, there will be another one to come past

Starving artist #2

Check out my homies page for more of this awesome free verse poetry. Straight Bars!


I sip venom on rocks spit acid on canvas/

My stanzas depict images of a Titans clashes/

Mercy’s absense, from my heart led to grotesque actions/

One swift of my pen will dissect factions/

Slipped the reapers grasp though I had near brushes/

So I’m cautious watching the enemies unspoken discussion/

Eyes says it all, so I hear the beast silent roars/

Plus in the art of war I’m Van Gough with swords/

Rather Michelangelo and beef in the Sistine chapel/

My portfolio increases as I send 16 at you/

Murderous mosaics of my foes decaying/

Corpses rigornortis, the burgundy pavement/

Gallery of tragedy, I’m like Warhol in the factory/

Weapons are drawn just to cause more casualties/

My Calvary only consist of four horses/

All moving at the speed of darkness/

We focus on moving targets like still pictures/

Read revelations thought I’d fulfill the scriptures/

Mold my soldiers…

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Looking back at my 2017

Happy New Year everyone!!

I want to wish everyone on this great site a prosperous, motivating, joyous, and productive 2018. Having said that, I want to reflect on my time on WordPress from when I began and up until now. Starting this blog site in May I felt I needed to share the work I wrote in 2016 on a platform where I could connect with fellow writers, gain feedback, and become immersed in a community that shares my same love for writing. Even though, I didn’t reach my goal of having 150 post by new years eve, I look forward to reaching a milestone of 200 and many more after that. My plans for 2018 are as followed, creating and designing a poetry book, continuing to collaborate with a friend of mine who’s a visual artist and writer in hopes of donating our art together, possibly look into doing some spoken word, continuing to publish my poems on SpillWords and to keep reading. I look forward to uploading  visual art that compliments my poems on here once everything is said and done. As you already know my blog site is called Real Free – Flowing Words and I will continue to write content that is thought provoking, contains real life issues, and entertaining. Lastly, I want to shout out the writers who I’ve interviewed in the last 3 months. Special thanks to Kait King, Sylvester L. Anderson, ElanCharang, PoojaG of Lifesfinewine and Devereaux Frazier aka themarylandpoet of An Aspergians Chemical Romance. Hopefully many more interviews in the future. Once again happy new years and lets unite through the power and love of writing. #WRITINGUNITY2018 As always peace and love.

P.S. Check out my homies page who I spoke about earlier in the post @mycreativepatience. Just like me he has a lot of of poems in the vault so to speak and is uploading them now. So if you could swing by his page and read some of his work, that would be help his page grow and I hope you like what you read. I’m Out!